XLR 3 Pin Male to Blunt Install Cables - 24 AWG Flexible Shielded Audio Cable

Brand: Custom Cable Connection      SKU: 31094-1X-CCC

  • Custom Cable Connection microphone cables are a great choice for custom "pro" audio hookups to connect microphones to PA amplifiers, mixers or extension cords. These hookups are balanced, which helps cut out noise and hum pickup. A balanced line consists of three paths of current flow, using a pair of twisted wires with a shield covering them. The twisted pair would carry the actual audio signal while the overall shield acts as a noise absorbing barrier. The shield is connected to ground.

    • The outer jacket is constructed from a durable, ultra-flexible matte black PVC compound. O.D.: .210"
    • 24-gauge bare copper conductors
    • Connectors: XLR Male Plug to 3 Bare Wires
    • Rugged Nickel Plated XLR Connectors with Strain Relief
    • Pinout
    • Pin 1- Shield
    • Pin 2- Red
    • Pin 3- Blue

    Product Specs

    Cable type: 24-2 Audio

    Connector type: XLR to Blunt

    Gender: Male to Blunt

    • For a custom length, call: 866-770-3207 or email: sales@customcableconnection.com
    • Net 30 Terms Available
    • School and Universities automatically approved for Net 30 with PO
    • Quantity discounts and RFQ's available
    • Same day shipping (1PM Cutoff)
    • Sku Length / Color Weight
      31094-1X-CCC 1ft / Black 0.25 lb
      31094-2X-CCC 2ft / Black 0.1 lb
      31094-3X-CCC 3ft / Black 0.3 lb
      31094-5X-CCC 5ft / Black 0.35 lb
      31094-6X-CCC 6ft / Black 0.4 lb
      31094-10X-CCC 10ft / Black 0.75 lb
      31094-12X-CCC 12ft / Black 1.2 lb
      31094-14X-CCC 14ft / Black 1.25 lb
      31094-15X-CCC 15ft / Black 2.5 lb
      31094-16X-CCC 16ft / Black 1.0 lb
      31094-20X-CCC 20ft / Black 2.0 lb
      31094-25X-CCC 25ft / Black 4.0 lb
      31094-50X-CCC 50ft / Black 5.0 lb
      31094-75X-CCC 75ft / Black 6.0 lb
      31094-100X-CCC 100ft / Black 6.0 lb
      31094-125X-CCC 125ft / Black 8.0 lb
      31094-150X-CCC 150ft / Black 8.0 lb
      31094-200X-CCC 200ft / Black 10.0 lb
      31094-250X-CCC 250ft / Black 12.0 lb

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