4-Pin XLR Scroller Data Cables - 16 AWG Male to Female

Brand: Custom Cable Connection      SKU: 13443-10C

  • 4 Pin XLR Scroller Cable

    (2 pins for power and two pins for data) may be used for many items other than scrollers (some LED fixtures, DMX Irises, etc.), the industry seems to have settled on "scroller cable" being the most widely used term. Refer to owners manual of system you are using!

    If you have a specific pinout need Please let us know!

    4-Pin Data Cable Specifications

    • 4 Conductor 16 AWG Wired Straight Through
    • Pin 1 - 0 Volts DC
      • Pin 2 - Negative Data
      • Pin 3 - Positive Data
      • Pin 4 - Positive 24 Volts DC
      • Ground - Not Connected

    Product Specs

    Cable type: Scroller

    Connector type: XLR 4 Pin

    Gender: Male to Female

    • For a custom length, call: 866-770-3207 or email: sales@customcableconnection.com
    • Net 30 Terms Available
    • School and Universities automatically approved for Net 30 with PO
    • Quantity discounts and RFQ's available
    • Same day shipping (1PM Cutoff)

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