Pro Audio 1/4 inch TRS to 1/4 inch TRS Balanced Cable with Rean NYS228BG

Brand: Custom Cable Connection      SKU: 107903-1REAN

  • Our 1/4 inch TRS cables allow your signal to be quiet, eliminating frustrating hums, buzzing, and crackles. These cables make an excellent interconnect cable for any 1/4" balanced line cable. This cable is a popular choice for lineout into soundboards, powered speakers and for use in touring and other live-sound applications. This cables flexible design eliminates kinks and twists for a tangle-free performance.
    • High performance Balanced Microphone Cable 24 AWG with 95% spiral shield.
    • PVC Black Jacket
    • Shield: Bare annealed copper
    • Capacitance: 21 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
    • Characteristic Impedance: 70 Ohm NOMINAL
    • D.C. Resistance @ 20°C: 23 Ohm/1000'
    • Gold Plated 1/4in Male Stereo Rean NYS228BG Connectors
    • Assembled in Dallas, TX by Custom Cable Connection

      Don't see the length you are looking for, we will build it for you!
    • For a custom length quote, call: 866.770.3207 or email:

    Product Specs

    Cable type: 24-2 Audio

    Connector type: 1/4 TRS to 1/4 TRS

    Gender: Male to Male

    • For a custom length, call: 866-770-3207 or email:
    • Net 30 Terms Available
    • School and Universities automatically approved for Net 30 with PO
    • Quantity discounts and RFQ's available
    • Same day shipping (1PM Cutoff)
    • Sku Length / Color Weight
      107903-1REAN 1ft / Black 0.5 lb
      107903-3REAN 3ft / Black 0.5 lb
      107903-6REAN 6ft / Black 1.0 lb
      107903-10REAN 10ft / Black 2.0 lb
      107903-15REAN 15ft / Black 4.0 lb
      107903-25REAN 25ft / Black 4.0 lb
      107903-50REAN 50ft / Black 3.0 lb
      107903-75REAN 75ft / Black 6.0 lb
      107903-100REAN 100ft / Black 7.0 lb
      107903-150REAN 150ft / Black 5.5 lb
      107903-200REAN 200ft / Black 7.0 lb
      107903-250REAN 250ft / Black 10.0 lb
      107903-300REAN 300ft / Black 15.0 lb

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