Canare BCP-D55UHD 12G-SDI 4K UHD 75-Ohm Crimp Plug BNC Connector for Canare L-5.5CUHD

Brand: Canare      SKU: BCP-D55UHD

  • Canare's BCP-D55UHD is their most advanced BNC plug that was developed for use with their 12G-SDI UHD video coax cable the L-5.5CUHD. The return loss at 12 GHz is 15 dB, 26 dB @ 3 GHz and 20 dB @ 6 GHz. The installation work on the cable is a crimp method which enables quick and reliable machining to go along with its Long sleeve shape, insulator locking mechanism, etc.

    Key Specifications BCP-D55UHD
    • Matching Cable - Canare - L-5.5CUHD Electrical Characteristics
    • Insulation resistance: 5000M? or more
    • Voltage proof: Without any damage such as electric breakdown etc.
    • Contact resistance - Between external contacts: 3m? or less contacts / Between center contacts: 6m? or less
    • Return loss-26.4dB or more (0 ~ 3GHz)
    • 20dB or more (0 ~ 6GHz)
    • 15dB or more (0 ~ 12GHz)

    Product Specs

    Cable type: L-5.5CUHD

    Connector type: BNC

    Gender: Male

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      BCP-D55UHD Nickel 0.04 lb

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