Belden 4794R 12Ghz HD-SDI 4K Ultra-High-Definition BNC Video Cables

Brand: Custom Cable Connection      SKU: CCC12GSDI-1C

  • UHD (Ultra High Definition) SDI BNC Coax cables for 4K / UHDTV (12G-SDI)

    Belden 4794R maximizes 4K transmission distance over a single coax while minimizing space and weight compared to multi-link solutions. You can now reach distances of up to 300 feet with a UHD 4K signal. The awe-inspiring images of 4K now can be transmitted in just about any environment; classrooms, broadcast vans & trucks, ENG camera crews, churches and especially home theater enthusiasts.

    Belden 4794R is capable of supporting 12GHz bandwidth and enables a single-link configuration to transmit 4K. Dual-link and quad-link configurations can be bulky, increase cost and require time-consuming measuring for precise cable lengths across all links. Using Belden 4794R as a single-link solution saves time and is significantly lighter than dual or quad-link configurations. Belden 4794R cable delivers true 4K UHD right in your living room, schoolroom or boardroom. Wherever you need crisp, crystal clear Ultra High Definition detail the Belden 4794R cable will deliver.

    • Connector A: True 75 Ohm BNC Male
    • Connector B: True 75 Ohm BNC Male
    • Number of Coax: 1
    • RG Type: 7/U
    • AWG: 16
    • Stranding: Solid
    • Conductor Material: BC - Bare Copper
    • Insulation Material: Gas-injected FHDPE - Foam High Density Polyethylene

      Besides providing increased shield effectiveness, Belden 4794R’s featured tri-shield (foil / braid / foil) design simplifies installation. The inner foil is bonded to the core to eliminate bunching when installing 1-piece compression connectors. The outer foil is bonded to the jacket for a quicker, one-step stripping process.
      • Transmits 12G-SDI up to 300ft, 6D-SDI up to 450ft, 3D-SDI up to 650ft.

    Product Specs

    Cable type: 12G Belden 4794R

    Connector type: BNC to BNC

    Gender: Male to Male

    • For a custom length, call: 866-770-3207 or email:
    • Net 30 Terms Available
    • School and Universities automatically approved for Net 30 with PO
    • Quantity discounts and RFQ's available
    • Same day shipping (1PM Cutoff)
    • Sku Length / Color Weight
      CCC12GSDI-1C 1ft / Black 1.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-2C 2ft / Black 1.25 lb
      CCC12GSDI-3C 3ft / Black 1.5 lb
      CCC12GSDI-4C 4ft / Black 2.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-5C 5ft / Black 2.25 lb
      CCC12GSDI-6C 6ft / Black 2.5 lb
      CCC12GSDI-60C 60FT / Black 5.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-10C 10ft / Black 3.5 lb
      CCC12GSDI-15C 15ft / Black 3.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-20C 20ft / Black 4.25 lb
      CCC12GSDI-25C 25ft / Black 5.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-35C 35ft / Black 5.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-40C 40ft / Black 5.5 lb
      CCC12GSDI-50C 50ft / Black 5.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-75C 75ft / Black 7.5 lb
      CCC12GSDI-100C 100ft / Black 8.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-150C 150ft / Black 12.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-200C 200ft / Black 15.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-250C 250ft / Black 18.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-300C 300ft / Black 20.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-350C 350ft / Black 20.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-400C 400ft / Black 20.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-450C 450ft / Black 22.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-500C 500ft / Black 25.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-550C 550ft / Black 30.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-600C 600ft / Black 35.0 lb
      CCC12GSDI-650C 650ft / Black 40.0 lb

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