Balanced XLR Canare Star Quad Microphone Cables Male to Female

Brand: Custom Cable Connection      SKU: 38014-1C

  • This super-flexible CANARE L-4E6S cable features four conductors, arranged in a Star Quad configuration. Each of the four conductors is made of forty strands of high-conductivity annealed copper, for an aggregate gauge of 21 AWG. Canare uses natural cotton fillers to maintain the smooth, round, form-factor of the cable, while maintaining maximum flexibility. A braided shield contributes further to the remarkable flexibility and long flex-life of this cable. The jacket is satin smooth to the touch and has a non-glare matte finish.

    The Neutrik XLR connectors have a Rugged zinc diecast shell, long lasting and durable. In addition, they have a highly effective integrated chuck strain-relief system to help prevent cable and connection damage. This connector works so well with Canare cable that Canare has actually featured it in their own catalog.

      • Connectors: Neutrik XLR Male Plug to XLR Female Plug
      • High-density braided, tinned-copper shield
      • Perfect for connecting pre-amps, processors, microphones, amplifiers, etc.
      • Superior signal transmission with the lowest possible noise.

    Product Specs

    Cable type: Canare L-4E6S

    Connector type: XLR 3 Pin

    Gender: Male to Female

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    • Sku Length / Color Weight
      38014-1C 1ft / Black 0.3 lb
      38014-2C 2ft / Black 0.35 lb
      38014-3C 3ft / Black 0.4 lb
      38014-20C 20ft / Black 1.2 lb
      38014-5C 5ft / Black 0.45 lb
      38014-6C 6ft / Black 0.5 lb
      38014-165C 165ft / Black 5.5 lb
      38014-10C 10ft / Black 0.7 lb
      38014-12C 12ft / Black 1.0 lb
      38014-15C 15ft / Black 2.0 lb
      38014-25C 25ft / Black 2.5 lb
      38014-30C 30ft / Black 3.0 lb
      38014-35C 35ft / Black 3.5 lb
      38014-40C 40ft / Black 4.0 lb
      38014-50C 50ft / Black 4.5 lb
      38014-75C 75ft / Black 5.0 lb
      38014-100C 100ft / Black 5.5 lb
      38014-150C 150ft / Black 7.0 lb
      38014-200C 200ft / Black 10.0 lb
      38014-250C 250ft / Black 12.0 lb
      38014-300C 300ft / Black 14.0 lb

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