Plenum Rated 5-Pin XLR DMX AES/EBU Digital Mic Cables with Neutrik Connectors

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  • The communications standard "DMX512" covers digital multiplexed signals. It is the most common communications standard used by lighting and related stage equipment. DMX512 provides up to 512 control "channels" per data link. Each of these channels was originally intended to control lamp dimmer levels. You can think of it as 512 sliders on a lighting console, connected to 512 light bulbs.

    • Pin 1: Shield (ground)
    • Pin 2: Primary Data Complement (-)
    • Pin 3: Primary Data True (+)
    • Pin 4: Optional Secondary Data Complement (-)
    • Pin 5: Optional Secondary Data 2 True (+)

      We use DMX 120 ohm Digital 2 Pair Shielded 24 Awg Cable.
    • Shield Coverage: 95%
    • Jacket: Plenum
    • O.D.: 0.277

      Straight Through Pinout

    Product Specs

    Cable type: Plenum DMX 2 Pair

    Connector type: XLR 5 Pin

    Gender: Male to Female

    • For a custom length, call: 866-770-3207 or email:
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    • School and Universities automatically approved for Net 30 with PO
    • Quantity discounts and RFQ's available
    • Same day shipping (1PM Cutoff)

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